Publish courseflows to mentor teachers

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We understand the value of your expertise

Your teaching process however well developed cannot impact more students than you can service. Let your course design benefit hundreds of faculty members and institutions and millions of students worldwide


Mentoring a large group of faculty can be exhausting but at the same time, fulfilling

We understand that developing a large group of teachers in 3 days can be unfulfilling. With Nodes platform we will let you provide a subject-specific 'prescription' to teach than generic advice

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This unique publication requires less than 10 hours of your time

Nodes platform leverages information from your current LMS platform to complete 40% of authoring work automatically. The rest of it, we will help you build!


How does the authoring process work?

All it takes is a simple conversation in three steps

Data Compilation

Using traditional mediums like emails or innovative mediums like the LMS tools we will initiate organisation of your courseflow data into buckets of session planning and instructions

Review and Iteration

Once compiled, you can review and edit all the courseflow information as per your expert understanding and add adjustments to attached resources

Publish and Distribute

Set a price for annual usage of the workflow, then we will help with promotional media and then we will publish and promote for teachers to access this all over


Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the content if I publish with Nodes?

Nodes does not claim any rights over the content of any author. Even when Nodes supports authors in building their workflows on the platform, authors have complete ownership over their content. Please read the Privacy policy & user agreement on the application for detailed information.

What will I accomplish by becoming an author on Nodes?

Authors will be able to mentor new and struggling educators on a large scale while monetising their 'teaching processes' or pedagogies that are currently have developed for their students only.

How much time will I need to spend on this?

Current authors have accomplished completing the build of their product on the platform by spending less than 30 minutes weekly. This is due to the support Nodes provides its authors and the efficient development processes employed.


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